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Ducati 2015 models – 'World Premiere Live Streaming'


image003For Ducati fans all over the world we are very excited to announce that the official Ducati press conference and the public unveiling of the new 2015 models will be streamed live on the internet for the very first time.

Ducati 2015 World Première takes place at the International EICMA Motorcycle Expo in Milan on Monday, November 3 (17:00 CET time).

You can hear the exciting details and see the images of unseen models as they are launched ‘live’ in Italy. Sharing this news with you as it happens via the internet is sure to capture the imagination and enthusiasm of customers by involving everyone, real time, in Ducati’s big new model announcements for 2015.

Viewing options include the following Ducati platforms, simply log on to either : 
www.ducati.com.au <http://www.ducati.com.au> or via the Ducati Youtube channel.

Whilst the live streaming takes place in the early hours of the morning for most of us here in Australia, please spread the word to as many people as possible and help to make this launch the most watched ever for Ducati.

Click here for Live Streaming