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Grey Import Ducati's

Ducati "Grey" Imports

As you may be aware, there are currently some companies engaged in the activity of importing used older model Ducati motorcycles from various overseas markets, in particular from Japan.

Buying a used motorcycle has an inherent element of risk for the purchaser, however buying used motorcycle that has been imported, sold, serviced and re-sold by the brand's relevant official distributor and dealer network mitigates these risks considerably.

Customers that could be are considering purchasing, or dealers the trading of one of these "Grey" import motorcycles, need to be aware of this situation, also as these motorcycles have not been imported by the Official Ducati Importer or sold through the Authorised Ducati Dealer Network in Australia, they are not recognised as a Ducati motorcycle that has been official imported and sold in Australia and therefore receive no assistance or support from Ducati whatsoever.

Q. How do you easily identify a "Grey" Import?
A. The compliance plate of a grey import (Purple colour, pictured below) is different to that of an official import compliance plate. An official import compliance plate is Black and Silver in colour and also shows the manufacturer as Ducati Motor Holding SpA.

Q. How do I establish the Year model of a "Grey" Import?
A. Although the compliance plate may indicate a current month and year (circled in Yellow below), the actual year model of the bike is indicated in the 10th digit of the VIN and the description of the bike (circled in Red). In this example the compliance plate indicates July 2010, but the motorcycle is actual a 2001 model – 9 years old!



Q. How do I establish the service and ownership history of a "Grey" Import and receive the assistance and support of the distributor should i need it to be able to buy with confidence?
A. Quite simply, you can't!

VIN Year ID's for last 15 Years (10th Digit):

S-1995, T-1996, V-1997, W-1998, X-1999, Y-2000, 1-2001, 2-2002, 3-2003, 4-2004, 5-2005, 6-2006, 7-2007, 8-2008, 9-2009.